Ed Thomas

Ed Thomas

Since 1947, Ed Thomas and Hugo have been entertaining theater audiences and TV views throughout the United States. They were the first ventriloquist act to perform on TV in the State of Maine.

Ed took Hugo with him when he attended college and flew to various appointments on the weekends. They headlined at Fairs, Conventions, Home shows, Sports shows, etc. The pair has appeared on many talk shows and were regular guests on the Sunnydale Farm Show. They have also appeared in many TV commercials.

Hugo was created by craftsman, Revello Petee. Hugo is on of only tow of Petee’s ventriloquist dummies still performing today.

While at Nasson College, Hugo had his own regular column in the college newspapers, as well as headlined at many college performances. Hugo is the only ventriloquist dummy to be published and pictured with the graduating seniors of an accredited college.

As Ed’s family grew, he put his college education to work in the business world and became Vice-President of one three very large companies Jordan Marsh, A.E. Troutman Company and America’s largest HMO, International Medical Centers. He was also an adjunct professor at Florida International University.

In his career he has met probably a hundred famous people, Joan Crawford three times, had breakfast with Sophia Lauren and sat back stage of the Grand Ole Opry with Minnie Pearl. Others include Carol Channing, Jimmy Durante, Al Hirt, Laurence Welk in addition at other times, the Lennon Sisters, Bobby Burges, Art Duncun and Joe Feeney all of the Welk show. He’s spent a day with Arnold Palmer and Sam Sneed. He even introduced Dizzy Gillespie to Arnold Palmer. This is just to name a few.

For a few years he wrote a newspaper column, The Wit and Whimsey of Dr.Horace Goodfellow. He then did a one man show as Doc Goodfellow as an after dinner speaker at conventions through out the East Coast of U.S.

Ed taught ventriloquism for 2yrs at the Boston Center of Adult Education.

In 2000, Ed decided to go back on the road, but had problems trying to convince Hugo to join him. (add link to videos page).

He’s been in many movies and commercials.

Besides his ventriloquist career, one of his current projects is “The Laugh Makers Show.”

Ed Thomas and Hugo Artilce

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