Dr. Horace P. Goodfellow is a humorist and storyteller character created by Ed Thomas. ‘Doc Goodfellow’ has been featured on radio and TV as well as banquets and conventions throughout the United States and Canada. His stories of the “goings on” in his little town of Potato Bend, Maine, have been carried in newspapers throughout New England.



Well, folks, this has been a busy week in our town of Potato Bend. We put up the sign for our new fire department.

Gus Miller’s boy, Hartwell, created and painted it. You probably remember me telling you that he is a very creative lad.

In fact, he thought up the advertising slogan, “Good to the last drop.” Unfortunately he sent it to the Otis Elevator Company and they rejected it.

Any way, the lad is clever so we could hardly wait to see our new sign. At the unveiling they asked me to say a few words. Well now, I ain’t use to public speaking. I tried very quickly to remember what Claude Tweedie taught in his public speaking course that he taught at the town hall on Wednesday nights.

I did remember part one ABC- Always Be Cheerful and as I got on the platform I remembered XYZ- Xamine Your Zipper. At that time I wished I had paid more attention to Claude’s lectures.

I was so nervous that I don’t remember what I said. Afterward I asked Podge Tanner what he thought of my talk. He said,”Doe, I thought your remarks were like the horns on my favorite steer, Clarence.” I said, “What does that mean?” He said, “A point here, a point there and a lot of bull in between.”

Well sir, after I got done speaking we unveiled the new sign. I could see right away that young Miller had out done himself. There in big red and green letters we read, THE POTATO BEND VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. “May Our Firetrucks Be Like The Old Maids in Town – Always Ready But Never Called For.”


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