My oldest grandson asked me if it was true that man comes from dust and goes to dust. I replied, Yes I have heard that but why do you ask? He said that someone is either coming or going under his bed.

My 8 yr. old grandson wanted to know where babies come from. He said, “Where did I come from?” I looked him straight in the eye and said, “The stock delivered you.” “Where did daddy come from?” “We found him under a cabbage leaf?” “Where did you come from?” I came from a seed in the garden. The next day he told his teacher, “You know we haven’t had a normal child birth in our family for three generations.”

Little Luke hearing all this talk was out in the yard and found a little seed. He picked it up and took it in the house and placed it under the corner of a rug. The next day he was passing by and pulled the corner of the rug up and a little bug walked out. He looked at that bug and said, “You know that if you were not my son I would step on you.”