I find as we reach retirement age we start to get involved with the church. I asked my pastor, Rev. Dan why so many old people go to church. He said he thinks they are cramming for the final exam. He said you know Ed you should start thinking about the here after your self. I said that I do all the time. Why just this morning I went to the garage and stood there for a while and finally said, what the heck am I here after?

I took my little grandson, Luke to church with me a couple weeks ago. After the service he stood in the hall looking at all the plaques on the wall. He said, Grandpa what are all names on this list. I explained it was a list of everyone who had died in the service. He said, the 9:30 or the 11o’clock ? While we were standing there, Rev Dan came over to say hi to Luke. Luke looked up at him and said Rev., when I get older and earn a lot of money I am going to give a lot of it to you. Rev. Dan looked down at him and said because Grandpa says that you are the poorest minister that they have ever had in this church. I grabbed Luke’s hand and made a hasty retreat.

Until next time, remember that you don’t stop laughing because you’re getting old, you get old when you stop laughing. Remember also when ever you do a good deed to keep the receipt in case Heaven is like the IRS.