Grand kids, don’t you love them?! My wife and I have said that if we had known how much fun they were, we would have had them first. We have nine grand children. My granddaughter, Grace, came to visit recently. She and I were on our way to MacDonald’s when we came upon a very serious accident. I said to her that it looked pretty bad and we should say a prayer. I heard her say,” Dear Lord, please don’t let the accident be blocking the entrance to MacDonald’s.

On the way home, I inadvertently blew the car horn. I said “Sweety, I didn’t mean to blow the horn”. She said, “I know Grand Pa.” I said “How did you know?” She said,”Because you didn’t shout, “Get off the road, you stupid idiot. Where did you learn to drive, anyway?”

Recently, we went to visit my grand kids in N.C. As we got out of the car, one of my grandson’s friends asked him who we were. He said, “They’re my Grandparents. They live at the airport. When we want to see them, my Dad goes to the airport to pick them up and when we get tired of them, he takes them back there.”

My grandson, Luke, kept staring at me. I said,” Why do you keep looking at me?” He said “My Mom said that you are a self-made man.” I said “I guess that I am.” He said, “I was wondering why you didn’t do a better job.”